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Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner Maintenance Tips

Air cleaners like air purifiers and various filtration systems are becoming more and more prevalent in people’s households, as people are becoming more aware of pollens and toxins in the air they breathe. However, like all machines that are used constantly, an air cleaner can break down over time, leading to costly maintenance or replacement. There are a few tips owners can follow to limit this from happening—or at least elongate the overall lifespan of their device.


First, change the filter regularly. Not doing so will lead the filter to build up with dirt and other contaminants sucked out of the air. Not only does this prevent the air cleaner from properly doing its job, but can lead to a build-up of this gunk inside the mechanics of the device itself. Also, only run the device for a set period of time, rather then all the time. With few exceptions, the air doesn’t need to be constantly filtered in a room. Run it for four to six hours and then turn it off, saving it from wear and tear.