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Air Filtration System

Where Should an Air Filtration System be Installed in Conway, Arkansas?

A high-quality air filtration system will remove up to 99.9 percent of the pollutants, toxins and pollens from the air in a room, making them useful in specific locations in towns like Conway, AK. Below are a number of locations where the installation of these air filtration systems are necessary in the Conway area.


Any local hospital in and around Conway should ideally have an air filtration system for the benefit of their patients. Whether they actually do is not clear. Due to the high exposure to pollutants, most businesses near factories or highways should have an air filtration system installed as well, for the benefit of both the employees and their customers. Any business where people smoke should also have an air filtration system installed. Lastly, any home where residents have respiratory issues should have their own room-to-room air filtration system, for their own immediate health benefits.