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Air Purifier Fan

Does an Air Purifier Fan Actually Work as a Fan?

Air purifiers operate by sucking in air with the help of a fan and then pushing that air out through a filter or a number of filters which clean it of toxins and pollens. However, the air purifier fan is also set up to just operate as a fan that blows air, theoretically creating air circulation in a room and cooling it down overall. But how well does this air purifier fan actually work as a fan?


While some of this depends on the type and size of air purifier you are talking about—as bigger and more powerful purifiers have stronger fans—it’s also important to consider how an air purifier fan actually works. No matter how big of a fan it has, the device is still encased in plastic or is behind some filtration material. This means the air flow out of it when compared to most fans whose blades are not blocked by anything, allowing air to flow freely off of them. While having a fan in the air purifier is a nice extra option, it doesn’t really replace an actual ceiling or floor fan in most cases.