by Best Living Systems

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The air purifier you've been waiting for.


Washable filters

Because of our ion technology, the MCI PureSynAIRg air purifier does not rely on traditional deposable filters.  Our filters can be easily removed, rinsed and replaced!

Destroys viruses & germs

The MCI PureSynAIRg's proprietary technology uses ions to attract and destroy allergens and pathogens in the air such as dust, mold spores, e-coli, MRSA and salmonella!

The MCI PureSynAIRg ion technology does NOT emit ozone.*

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Covers up to 2,750 sq ft

Yes, that's right! Gone are the days when you have to move your air purifier from room to room. 
Our flagship product covers an entire home, thanks to our award-winning ion technology!

Cleans the air & surfaces

The powerful ions that are emitted into the air are equally effective on most surfaces such as countertops, remote control, glasses, cell phone, tablets, etc.

*The MCI PureSynAIRg standard operating modes do not emit ozone. When manually set to "Away" mode, small amounts of ozone are emitted for deep cleaning. It is recommended to only use this mode when no one is home.