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Ionic Air Purifier

Pros and Cons of the Ionic Air Purifier

The Ionic Air Purifier is a model of air purifier which has waxed and waned in popularity over the years. They work by producing negative ions that attract positively charged ions which draw pollutants to them in clumps, taking these pollutants out of the air. It does this almost silently as well, making them a much better air purifier for a room that may need to be quiet.


However, while the ionic air purifiers do work, cleaning a large amount of pollutants out of the air requires the device to produce ozone, which is in itself a pollutant. These air purifiers also don’t do anything about cleaning dust, which is one of the main things that causes respiratory problems for people inside homes and businesses.


So while these ionic air purifiers offer a few benefits, they also have numerous cons that are relatively major concerns. It’s worth it to think twice about buying one of these ionic air purifiers.