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Laundry Purifier

When do you need a Laundry Purifier?

When you need your laundry machine to clean laundry better than it usually would, it’s not just using a stronger detergent and hotter water: you’ll need a laundry purifier.


The laundry purifier device is used in hospitals, sterilizing all the laundry that goes through it to sanitized and bacteria-free levels. It is an attachment that can be easily connected to your laundry machine in your home and infuses the water with ions and activated oxygen to create incredibly clean, fresh-smelling laundry after each load. You may want a laundry purifier to make putting on clean clothes or crawling into a freshly made bed an incredible experience each time; however, you only need a laundry purifier if having sterile laundry is important for health reasons. So if someone in your home is sick or has a weakened immune system, a laundry purifier is a critical addition to your washer set-up. It’s also necessary for businesses that may be washing linens and other types of laundry that may be exposed to harmful bacteria on a regular basis.