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Ozone Air Purifier

Why you Should be Wary of Ozone Air Purifier

There are a number of different types of air purifiers out there meant to clean the air in a room of toxins. However, one popular type on the market are known as ozone air purifiers, named because the device generates ozone as it cleans the air.


This is somewhat ironic, as it is technically producing a toxin in the air as it cleans the air itself, seeming counterintuitive. While these devices are very effective at cleaning all other pollutants and pollens out of the air when they are running, using this ozone air purifier in a small room of a home or business can be dangerous, as large amounts of concentrated ozone can cause respiratory problems and other breathing difficulties.


When it comes to air purifiers, it’s usually better to only use ones that don’t also run the risk of harming your health when they are trying to do their jobs.