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Room Air Purifier

What to look for When Purchasing a Room Air Purifier

If you’re in the market for a room air purifier, there are a number of qualities in each model you should pay attention to over other things that seem useful, but really aren’t. The options for these devices are numerous—however, only a very small number of them actually clean the air. Others just spend your money.


Here are a few important details to pay attention to when purchasing a room air purifier. First, the number of stars and reviews—the more the better—the product has received online should be the first sign of the air purifier’s quality. Dig into the reviews, make sure they are real and informative. Also look for reviews from actual doctors or people who have respiratory ailments—they are often the best judges of whether an air purifier works or not, for obvious reasons. Then pay attention to the cost of the filters and the amount of time they last. You don’t want to buy a great air purifier that only works with expensive accessories you regularly have to replace.