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Room Air Purifier

The Pros and Cons of a Room Air Purifier

As an increasing number of people become aware of the air they breathe and the numerous pollutants and pollens that may be present within it, air purifiers in homes and businesses are becoming more and more popular. However, there are both pros and cons to purchasing and operating a room air purifier.


The pros are relatively obvious. A good room air purifier will clean the air significantly of various toxins and pollens that are in the air. It will make those in it breathe easier. The air will also smell better and be slightly cooler.


However, there are a few cons that should also be considered. Most air purifiers are relatively noisy, so they can be distracting. There’s also the aspect of the filters, which critical to the room air purifier operating properly but also a constant expense, meaning you will regularly be paying money for them as long as you are using this device.